Massages for adult or for children when we use our own cosmetics made from wine grapes, with wine seed oil or grape syrup, which have strong antioxidant effects.

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Relaxation massage with wine oil

990 CZK / 60 minutes, 550 CZK / 30 min
Massage with grape-seed oil will give your body vitality, soften and smooth your skin and will splendidly lighten it up. You will leave with the feeling of relaxation and lightness.
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Massage with lava stones

990 CZK / 60 minutes
Massage is going to take you to absolute relaxation. Warmth coming from lava stones influences physiological processes, removes nervousness and stress. It relaxes tight muscles, carries harmful substances away from tissue, and softens skin.
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Massage with lava stones and wine oil

990 CZK / 60 minutes
An unique connection of wine seed oil and energy of lava stones.
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Massage with oil from scented candles

1 150 CZK / 60 minutes
Massage with soy oil and beeswax. It is ideal for muscle regeneration, with antioxidant and hydration impacts. During massage, the back is treated with a wrap to support lymphatic system, which leads to complete relaxation.
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Feet masage

650 CZK / 45 minutes
Massage with grape-seed oil is suitable for relieving muscular tension, for relaxation and resting.
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Aroma massage

450 CZK / 30 minutes
Aroma massage with almonds oil for women and with rosemary oil for men.
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Almond massage for children

300 CZK / 20 min
Massage with almond oil for soothing baby skin which help againts acne.
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Face lifting

650 CZK / 45 min
Manual face lifting for women or men with natural argan oil.
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Hawai Lomi Lomi massage

1 490 CZK / 90 min
Massage by Hawaiian method using elbows and forearms.
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Pregnancy massage

30 min / 550 CZK, 60 min / 990 CZK
Massage and aromatherapy for pregnant women. It affects the flow of energy and release body and mind.
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Anti-migraine massage

30 min / 550 CZK
Deeply relaxing massage of neck, head and shoulders against pain.
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