Finish sauna – Using a sauna regularly has a positive impact on the state of skin, works against cellulite, trains your heart and circulatory system, helps relax muscles after a demanding activity, and excretion of toxic substances.

Steam bath – Steam is the means of a perfect relax and stimulation of vital functions. It has a positive impact on both, health and beauty. It strengthens psyche and increases stress resistance.

Herbal bath – staying in a sauna is a suitable addition to an effective treatment of airways. It detoxicates body and mind, induces deep relax and increases concentration.

Salt bath – regular using of a salt bath has an excellent detoxicant effect, it helps with treatment of airways and skin diseases.

Kneipp wine trail – Kneipp wine trail, with its alternating containers with cold and hot water, wonderfully helps recovery of vascular system of lower extremities. We recommend it in order to remove feeling of having leaden legs or to prevent varicose veins.

A whirlpool bath with a pleasant relaxing atmosphere, harmonized with a magnificent stained-glass window. Relaxation in a whirlpool has a positive impact on our organism, not only physical, but also psychological. It guarantees an all-body massage, stimulates blood circulation, which significantly helps regaining vitality and energy.

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